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Constantly asked for "one piece of advice for entrepreneurs," I came up with this short phrase that I try to live my life by: Focus More, Do Less.

Do you find yourself constantly jumping from idea to idea? Starting businesses but never giving them time succeed? Getting pulled in too many different directions by over multitasking? Then you need to buy this shirt. Think of it like taking medicine to help you focus, without actually taking medicine, and being able to wear a unique t-shirt.

If you want an example of focusing more and doing less, I got paid to wear t-shirts for a living for 4+ years and didn't launch my own t-shirt shop until now!

- Jason Headsetsdotcom (formerly Jason Sadler)

This design is printed on American Apparel Tri-Blend Athletic Gray and if you want a tip to remember how to spell the word "gray" remember we use grAy in America and they use grEy in Europe. Share that little nugget with your friends.

*Don't forget, your next shirt might be free if it's a 10th purchase on our site!

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